Career development

The recipe for success of any modern enterprise is constant modernization and development of skills of the personnel.

Implementing into practice «Professional personnel are the condition of successful personnel policy of the enterprise» the top management of Polisintez, LLC pays considerable attention to the personnel training.

The system of training and development of Polisintez, LLC includes the following:

  1. Employees training for production regulations and quality control of medicinal preparations.
  2. Personnel familiarization with work standards of the company, goals and policy in the quality area.
  3. Workers advanced vocational training to be able to perform tasks of a higher level.
  4. Standard training provision for new employees.  
  5. Training allied trades.
  6. Top managers and specialists reeducation.
  7. Training and certification of top managers and specialists regarding labour safety.
  8. Employees training in colleges and higher educational institutions by correspondence.
  9. Training children of the employees in Saint Petersburg State Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy.
  10. Development of managers from the personnel reserve.

For the unified training coordination a training centre was created at the enterprise in 2006.

In the training centre every employee can have a consultation on any type of training and also here personal records, programs and training schedules of every employee’s training is kept and stored.

The enterprise has the active:

Program to prepare key specialists from the personnel reserve, which includes training and period of probation for the planned position.

Program to support newcomers, which has such budget items as:  - further training of newcomers

All the training and development activity follows the goal to increase the efficiency of the Company through professional and individual development of the employees.